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Water drilling team dig a new well.Are you getting frustrated trying to find that perfect gift for someone, but failing because they actually don’t need anything? In Uganda we come across so many people who need access to clean and safe water. This Christmas why not consider sending a Mission 4 Water Gift Card to your friend or family member?  It is a great way of making a donation to help provide another community with the best gift of all; clean water.

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Mission 4 Water Team


Volunteers bring hope to two war-torn communities.

Amy’s story

Amy had visited war-torn northern Uganda 5 years previously, and she now felt challenged to return to the place where she says she ‘left her heart’. In particular she wanted to do something positive for one of the many refugee communities displaced by war who are living in thatched mud huts and face a daily struggle to fetch water for their families. This water which is often shared with animals is unsafe and brings sickness and disease to those who are forced to use it for drinking, cooking and washing.

After praying about how she could help she searched the internet and found us here at the Mission 4 Water website. We are a Christian project, bringing clean water to thousands throughout Uganda that welcomes volunteer groups. Soon she was communicating directly with us to arrange a two week Mission Trip to Lira for herself and six others from her church in the United States in Washington, DC.

A major challenge

Directors Sue and Sunday, who is also the main engineer, visited Barr Sub County, Lira District to find the community that was most in need of clean water, only to be shown two communities  needing help. This was an impossible choice, how could they possibly chose just one and leave the other to suffer? So the request went out to the volunteer team to raise enough funds not for one but two wells, drilling both at the same time, with two teams!

Back in the US the volunteers took up the challenge and began fund raising – organising a 6km run, the average distance people in Uganda walk to access water. That event, together with many generous donations from church members, friends and family raised a staggering $13,000, enough money in fact for four wells. This was a fantastic result and we praise God for this wonderful provision of funds.

Digging new water wells in Lira

On 16th August they arrived at Entebbe Airport and traveled 7 hours north, finally arriving in Lira. For the next ten days they worked each morning alongside the Mission 4 Water Ugandan drillers at the two villages. The team were a source of fascination for the local children who had never met visitors from the USA before. The volunteers worked on manual augering, bailing, preparing filtration, laying bricks, plastering, and finally inserting the pump.  Emotions were high when, on the last day, they finally handed over the two completed shallow wells to the overjoyed communities, knowing what a huge difference this water was going to make in their lives.

Volunteers, husband and wife Isaac and Lacie, together with Julianna hand augering

Volunteers, husband and wife Isaac and Lacie, together with Julianna hand augering

They also distributed 100kg of rice, 100kg of maize flour, 100kg of beans, 40 ltr of cooking oil, 2 huge bags of charcoal, 80 sets of children’s clothes and 80 pairs of kids shoes to the many community members who had gathered to express their appreciation for the greatest gift – clean and safe water.

Painting the maternity ward

The volunteers painting the maternity ward.

Whilst in Lira the group also renovated a maternity ward at Barr Hospital and left paint to decorate other wards too. They also visited various other projects in the area to gain an insight into the daily lives of Ugandan people. One of the most moving was undoubtedly a home visit where they met orphaned teenagers who now have the huge responsibility of running their home and looking after their younger brothers and sisters since the death of their parents.

Coming back for more

The whole trip concluded with a short camping safari at Murchison Falls National Park with a memorable dusk cruise on the River Nile to fully appreciate the wonders of God’s amazing creation that is – beautiful Uganda, the pearl of Africa. When asked if they would consider doing another Mission 4 Water trip in the future, without hesitation they replied that they were already planning another trip next year!

So from all of us here at Mission 4 Water we say Thank you National Community Church, Washington, DC we’ll see you again soon.

Would you like to learn more about volunteering or helping our work?

Please tap or click here for our volunteering page to find out more about volunteering to join a drilling team, bringing a group to Uganda to drill a well, or about raising funds to provide clean and safe water. We look forward to speaking with you.

Mission 4 Water volunteer gives young thief the chance of a better life.

The Mission 4 Water team drilled a well recently in the small town of Rwentobo, south west Uganda. The local Policeman warned the team that a young boy spotted hanging around the site was a thief.

Director Sunday soon befriended the young boy and discovered his name was Lawrence, and he was an orphan. His Mum had died and his Father had run away. He was being cared for by his aged Grandma. He was forced to wander the streets, looking for food because he was hungry. He watched on enviously as other children went to school.

Sunday and Grandma

Sunday listened to Grandma’s sad story of desperation.

The next day Sue and Sunday visited the Grandma in the village. They found the old lady digging in her “garden” (vegetable patch) and checked out Lawrence’s story. It was true. She couldn’t manage. She was struggling to feed him and certainly couldn’t pay school fees. She was overwhelmed when Sue said that she would arrange for Lawrence to go to school. She appealed on Facebook for a sponsor who would be prepared to pay for his education, and praise God a previous Mission 4 Water volunteer in the US, who himself had boys of a similar age, agreed to sponsor young Lawrence, giving him the chance of a better life. Education is the real way out of poverty.

Sue with Lawrence

Sue with Lawrence, labelled a thief by the Police.

Sue took Lawrence shopping in the market for a mattress, bed sheets, school shoes, uniform, some casual clothes, soap, school, toilet paper, shoe polish, exercise books and pens. The market traders clapped as smart Lawrence proudly walked past.

Lawrence reports for school

Lawrence reports for school.

The next day a very smart Lawrence reported for school at World Shine Primary School. This is God’s love in action. God bless Lawrence and the sponsor.

The new well was launched in Rwentobo, watched by the local Police.

The new well was launched in Rwentobo, watched by the local Police.

The well drilling was also a success and at the end of the work an opening ceremony was held with local officials and community members attending, but our memories of this particular well will always be associated with the boy that we were able to help towards a better life.

Help with a donation

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Save the date! Volunteer Orientation Day May 16th 2015

Want to find out about volunteering to dig water wells in Uganda?

An Orientation Day will held in England on Saturday 16th May when volunteers will get chance to meet up and find out all they need to know.

The cost of the trip is £ 1,650 which covers return flights, visa, all in country travel, accommodation and meals. In addition the team of volunteers will be required to raise funds to cover the cost of drilling, a minimum of £2,000.

How can you get involved?

Please email Mission4water@gmail.com in the first instance to request an application form.

Three new wells

New UK Charity Registration

We praise God as Mission 4 Water moved up a league recently, achieving UK Charity Registration. A copy of the Charity Commission’s certificate can now be viewed on this website with all the details. Click or tap on this link to see it This follows almost a year’s hard work by the trustees. We extend a very big thank you to all concerned, most especially to Accountant and Trustee Alan Field from Sue’s home church, St Mary’s in Ferndown, Dorset.

We hope that this registration will open up all sorts of new opportunities for fund raising, access to trust funds and corporate sponsorship etc, which will result in more clean and safe water in Uganda!

Registration with HMRC for the Gift Aid scheme is already underway, as is a JustGiving registration. So watch this space!