Mission 4 Water Director Sunday marries Caroline

M4W - The WeddingSue and Simon Morgan have been fortunate during their time in Uganda to be ‘minded’ by Sunday, who is like a son to them. 2016 began with the exciting announcement that he was to marry Caroline, the maid/nanny who for the last two years has been caring for Sunday’s two sons Great and Kenan. The church was booked for Saturday 6th February, and the boys’ school field was chosen as the venue for the reception. Friends and family were mobilised to form the planning committees, as is the tradition. People in Uganda love to party but nobody can afford to host such an event on their own, so they all make contributions to help cover the expenses, from food, tent and chair hire, decorations, transport, clothes, even hairdressers and rings. Great (aged 7) contributed 10,000 (£2) from his piggy bank to buy bottle openers for the sodas, and Kenan (aged 5) also gave 10,000 to buy soap for hand washing. The fondant icing was hand made since ready-made was not available in the shops – a very sticky job! Other cakes were wrapped and given as gifts since Ugandans seldom get cake. Sue made the tiered wedding cake, assisted by Great and Kenan. Since Sunday is closely associated with ‘Muzungus’ (Whites), many of his friends and family rather assumed however that Sue and Simon were in a position to pay for the function themselves and so many held back from making the usual contributions. M4W - The Reception.pngBut of course, being missionary charity workers, that was certainly not the case. With just a week to go, many deposits had been paid but the remaining cash was not enough to pay the balances or pay the caterers for the food. It’s hard not to get stressed at times like this, but they prayed and as usual God was in control and it all came together; it was a wonderful day and Sunday extends his special appreciation to his UK friends who gave generously and helped to make the reception such a special celebration, and also to all those who sent greetings by email, on Facebook and who posted greetings cards. Sunday’s family members thanked the Morgans for supporting Sunday and his sons over the years, and in his speech, Sunday’s Grandad said that Sunday should no longer refer to himself as an orphan since he was now blessed with a special family. May God truly bless your marriage dear Sunday and Caroline.