Mission 4 Water celebrates 100 wells

The Mission 4 Water team, Directors Sue and Sunday and the drillers Chris, Richard, John, Laban and Peter have celebrated the 100th Mission 4 Water well! They could not imagine when they started the project in 2011 that so many people would benefit from the gift of clean and safe water and they Praise God for His wonderful provision. This 100th well was constructed in a rural village at the base of the Rwensori Mountains, near Fort Portal, in western Uganda. The Town Council had begged for help because the current water source was causing the pupils at the nearby Primary School to fall sick yet they had no budget to provide a new source of water.

Daily danger

Gathering water from makeshift bridge

This precarious makeshift bridge was in daily use by children.

Horrified the team watched this child balancing precariously on a makeshift platform made from Eucalyptus planks, as he collects water for home. No doubt it would become very slippery when wet. These young children were certainly in danger of slipping into the dirty water and drowning.

The community gathers

As usual, when a borehole is finished, the community members are gathered together to receive training and instructions on how to use it correctly. They also receive training in matters of basic sanitation, like using a clean jerry can to fetch clean water, and the importance of careful hand washing to avoid germs and sickness.

community gather at new borehole

Everyone gathers as the new borehole is handed over to the community.

As always, there was such joy and rejoicing when the new borehole was handed over to the community members and the school. The Town Clerk requested more such wells in their town please!

The new well means clean water

This respected elderly lady finally sees her community supplied with fresh water.

This highly respected elderly lady, who had suffered all her life without access to clean water, rejoiced and praised God for the gift of this new water source close to her home.

Local children become friends of the team

Sue and local children

New friends made during the dig.

Sunday and Paul

Sunday and Paul

Meet Charles and younger brother Paul. These local children were at the site every day and became friends of the Mission 4 Water team. Sunday asked Paul why he wasn’t at school, and he replied that he had “finished with school”.
The truth was their Mum had gone off with a new man, and left them and their Dad who could no longer afford school fees, so the boys just hung around all day. Paul completely blew everyone away with his articulate speech of gratitude for giving his village clean water! God bless these kids, and thousands like them in Uganda.

Visit to the National Park

The Mission 4 Water team celebrated the 100th well by visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park. Most of the Drillers had never had the opportunity to experience God’s wonderful creation which was almost on their doorstep.

Celebrating 100 wells

Visiting the Queen Elizabeth National Park to celebrate 100 wells dug by Mission4Water.

They took a sunset boat ride along the Kazinga Channel and a dawn safari drive. They saw Elephants, Buffalo, Hippos, Ugandan Cobs, Water Buck, Wart Hogs, a Monitor Lizard and Mongoose. Unfortunately they failed to see Lions and Leopards on this trip and they said they would have to come again one day! No celebration would be complete without a cake of course!

Thanks to the Donors

This 100th well was sponsored by a number of donors in China who had read about the good work of Mission 4 Water in a Chinese Christian Magazine.

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