New car for mission 4 water which will help us dig more water wells in Uganda

What is helping us dig more water wells in Uganda?

The new Mission Direct vehicle makes a great difference

Executive Director Sunday especially appreciates the new Mission Direct vehicle. “It’s used to transport staff and materials. It ideal for the rough Ugandan roads with their many potholes, dust and slippery mud. It makes our work digging water wells in Uganda quicker, easier and more efficient. And the bold sign writing on the car is really getting us noticed. Thanks to the donors who made it possible”!

Registration means we can continue to drill more water wells in Uganda

The Mission 4 Water application for a further three years non-governmental organization (NGO) registration has been approved. Although the process took some time it went through successfully and we are delighted with having this status. This is a great boost to our efforts to continue our well digging work in Uganda. We would like to thanks those who helped and prayed for us during the application and say ‘Praise God!’ for this continued opportunity to bring water to areas where it is most needed.