Why we dig wells

Mission 4 Water

Children have to make many journeys in one day to collect water.

“Water is life” – so many Ugandans say! But whilst most people in developed countries take the constant supply of safe fresh water to their homes for granted, the lack of clean drinking water in Uganda is a critical problem. Most Ugandans just dream of having access to clean water. Their reality is often a long journey down to the dirty watering hole with their jerry can. Young children go to fetch water before school and are often punished for being late to class. Older girls can be raped as they fetch water late in the evening. Water borne diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery, and malaria carrying mosquitoes lurk in this dirty water. People then get sick and then can’t work, so the families go hungry. Some even die. Mission4Water is a small Christian NGO dedicated to changing that reality for many communities and institutions throughout Uganda by installing simple and accessible boreholes and shallow wells. We employ local labour and utilise low cost materials. These simple solutions bring the wonderful gift of clean drinking water so helping whole communities to stay healthy, active and sustained.

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